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12/3/06 (Su.) 8:00 PM CBS (#1012)
The penultimate leg of the race. Phil Keoghan is the host.

Barcelona, Spain(6/21-6/22)

 06-21-06, 11:20 AM (EST)     
I can tell you that today and tomorrow the teams will be in Barcelona at some type of art museum or something doing something to do with a very large amount of tomatoes. 
letsgoracin has more to say about Barcelona ~

The place they will be doing it at is here -
Look for flights arriving into Barcelona at 8:35PM on the 21 (yesterday).
As I said, the event involved something with an EXTREMELY large amount of tomatoes.
No, this is not a first hand account. Don't really want to divulge the source.

There is a probability that they fly in from Paris according to my info. I'm not sure how you guys check this, but see if there is a flight from Paris to Barcelona that arrives in Barcelona at 8:35PM yesterday via Air France.

More info today from  letsgoracing @TWOPS. 
Here is my info from the June 21/22 Barcelona event. No, I will not reveal how I obtained this. I have also x'd out names of people from the show that are not important.

I have put interesting events in italics.
Schedule for Wednesday June 21, 2006:

8:00am – Crew all All WRP personnal and Prodimag staff in office.
8:30am - Location managers for GIANTS meet with Bob xxxxxx & xxxxx
9:35am xxxxxxxx 1148 Air France from Paris (xxxxxxxx Naguerol picks him up).
11:00am Mora takes xxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx through Giant route.
10:00am – xxxxxxx, xxxxxx & xxxxxx – REVIEW WITH LOCATION MANAGERS.
2:30pm – Cars leave for airport to pick up Executives.
3:00pm – xxxxxx, xxxxxx & Pol (loc mgr) depart for Colonia Guell. 5 Helpers to unload.
3:30pm – First Executive flight arrives – prepare to go see course. xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx & xxxxxxxxxx join tour.
8:00pm – Security at Colonia Guell
5:00pm – 20,000 Kilos of Tomato’s deliver care of xxxxxxx Chase
5:00pm – xxxxxxxx meets xxxx Cameraman at office to go to Airport!!
5:00pm – Giants arrive at Maremagnum for Host stand up. Jarrod xxxxxxx stationed here.
6:30pm – Shoot host stand up. Jarrod assists.
7:00pm – First art picture car delivered to Colonia Guell.
7:00pm – Analysis of Tomato Pile (xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx).
7:30pm – Gates locked at hours of operation !!!!
8:35pm – Second Executive flight arrives with xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx
8:35pm – Possible first contestant arrival to Barcelona
9:15pm – First teams hit Hours of Operation

Schedule for Thursday June 22, 2006:

6:00am – Make room for other truck to arrive at Tomatoes (Location Manager must be there).
6:30am – Crew call all locations and office. ALL DRIVERS AND PAS.
9:00am – Craft service ready near the mat.
10:00am – Race begins !!!!
11:30am – Catering ready at pit stop hotel 11:30am to 4:00PM"[/color][/b]

introcap thumbnails~
Cristobal Colon in Barcelona ( thanks moox & me )

Tibidabo Hill in Barcelona ( thanks Chateau ! )


--- Quote from: Boingo on June 26, 2006, 04:13:35 PM --- :-\  ....are these the GIANTS of Barcelona mentioned in charlierose post?    :angel:

Los Gigantes de Barcelona

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on June 26, 2006, 08:33:02 PM ---
--- Quote ---7:00pm – Analysis of Tomato Pile
--- End quote ---
Go figure; if I was in charge of a national historic site I wouldn't let a giant pile of tomatoes anywhere near the place, no matter what promises were made. Maybe this doesn't involve a "tomatina" food fight but another search task: "find the green tomato" or something similar.

--- End quote ---


8:00am – Crew all All WRP personnal and Prodimag staff in office.

Heres the Prodimag site ?

and Prodimag SL
General Mitre
148 Entlo 3A
08006 Barcelona

and we have a title!!!!!!!!!

from zap2it

Heee...sounds like Tyler to me!


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