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update on Chillone..
there's a article on  
I'll just post the part that I found interesting..

{ In late-breaking news though, ChillOne tells Jam! Showbiz that Tina is the first boot and Ethan is second.}
I don't know if it's true..I'm just posting what I read..puddin ;)

Humm. ChillOne changing his story already! Sounds like he doesn't really know!


Update from Chillone's site..he did change his first boot to Tina..not Ethan~

Now, for those of you who read my most recent spoiler story, "Piece of ASS," I've posted a new .PDF document containing some new, supplemental intel direct from The Man.  I got this new intel last week, but was away and could not update my website.  My apologies.  Anyway, it can be found here:
Not sure if my source will be providing more information, but if he does, I'll post an announcement at, so, check-in every once in a while.

Can someone that opened that post it.  i am on another comp and can not open files.


The problem Theresa is ,I don't know how to copy the PDF? I captured one on the paperclip takes awhile to load!

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