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EP11:' We Just Won't Die, Like Roaches' 11/26

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Maye its the tvguide curse, just later in the season.

Yeah remember Peter & Sarah also was on the TV Guide? :)

preview is up  :yess:
Chariot races and no CHO'S!!

 ..our fake temple  :jumpy:

Voice: on the next Amazing Race
* Chariots , fake Egypt ( Atlas film studios )*
Kandice ( reading clue ): who wants to be a gladiator?
Tyler: ok Jeber be a gladiator
James: I am
* James? falls out of his chariot*
*Tyler/Kim/Dustin watching*
Tyler: this is crazy
Dustin: I did it !!
Kandice cheers
Lyn: I wish I could have __ myself because I did feel a little bit like Cleopatra.
*Dustin / Kandice ( blue tops) car ..highfive*
BQ'S : final four
* Dustin /Kandice ( pink tops ) car..*
Dustin: Rob and Kim have a flat!
Kandice: don't mention it
* Rob changing his tire , lots of help*
Kim: don't freak out lets just change the tire. I wish they would have told us when this happened.
Rob?: I hate those girls dude.
* Dustin/Kandice in the pink driving *
Kandice: were not evil blonds were just competitive blonds.
* airport?*
James: the blondes man, they have to much power over us.
* Bama confessional *
Lyn: they are conniving and their opportunistic, everybody sees that.
* shoots to the BQ's on a plane *
* Tyler driving, James backseat *
James: the Blonds better steer clear of Bama dude cuz their going down.
Tyler: they're gonna bring the smack down.
James: I'd like a ring side seat too ( lol)
* night scene , James /Tyler and Rob *
Male Rob? James? Tyler?: look at the mob
Kandice: do you think were ok now?
* more people coming *
Dustin: lets get in the car now..come on
Male Rob? James? Tyler? : good luck Blondies..* as they drive away *
Dustin: shut the door..were in big trouble right now..
Voice: on the next amazing race....

more on the way




<< Bamas talking about the Blondes " they are conniving and their opportunistic . Everybody sees that.

  << gangs surrounding the Blondes


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