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EP11:' We Just Won't Die, Like Roaches' 11/26

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From zap2it
Tension mounts as the remaining teams make a mad dash through Morocco. CC Stereo

A team who is usually near the back of the pack, yet keeps surviving.  And they live somewhere with roaches.  Bama all the way!

thanks Kogs!! ;D

this belongs here:
Sunday, Nov. 26      THE AMAZING RACE 10 -- The tension mounts as the
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)   remaining teams continue their mad dash through Morocco.   Phil Keoghan hosts.


Atlas film studios in Morocco

Chariot Races

< Ouarzazate,Ouzoud Falls ( Thanks to gingher !)

eta: I suppose these fuzzies belong here..

TV Guide hard copy 11/26
Not much just Kandice & Dustin's press picture with this under it:
The Amazing Race
Move over Hope and Crosby. This season's truly Amazing trek is about to put the teams on the road to Morocco. And probably each other's nerves.

Dustin& Kandice's picture?   :yess:
i smell something fishy!


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