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Tonite is the final night. I can't believe it. We finally get to know who the Mole is. I am so excited. I wish it was a 2 hour show, but it isn't. I just think that Kathy is the Mole. If you remember, Kathy mentioned in an interview that she wished she would have lasted longer in the game! I cannot find that article now, but I do remember that article. So, I just have to almost say she is the Mole! Just my thoughts

It was a good show.  Okay the clues they left to say it was Fredriq ~~~would any of you have gotten that?

Alex Baldwin is one strange cookie!!

How funny that Kathy almost got booted several times!

Those were ridiculous clues.  Who would've thought that they were clues!  The first time I even had a thought that Freddy was the mole was in the hot pepper game.  When she refused to eat it.  But I didn't really have a clue as to who the mole was until she opened the door last night.  

Those clues on that show are wayyyyyyy to obscure.  There is no way I would ever get them and I think if someone spends their time trying to get them there is no way they could enjoy the show.  They are always like that in my opinion, last time I thought, "oh no way, who could get that?", I feel the same way this time.


I was disappointed that they didn't explain in the final episode why Eric seemed to sabatoge his teammates in the "grave digger" game by not revealing that he knew the contents of a coffin contained only bones and with that info they could have won the game.  Instead he kept silent and cost the team money, which didn't make sense in retrospect because he wasn't the mole.

I did enjoy the fact that the shows producers chose to select the "supermodel" as the mole, which effectively threw off all suspicion from her b/c everyone assumed her to be the stereotypical vacuous pretty face that couldn't possibly mislead the group...a fake-out that worked like a charm.


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