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Janie and Will Chat on RealNet

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Thanks to Jokers for the heads-up!  :tup:

There will be a live chat with Will and Janie, thursday, October 26th at 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern hosted by Laremy. You will need to have a Super Pass to see it I believe. Wish I hadn't been so quick to get rid of mine.

Hopefully someone will YouTube it or give us a transcript!

Got a question for the Winelle chat? You can send your questions to:


Don't forget the chat! Laremy says there will be something good at the beginning.  :hallo24

"Also, two more things, the first ten minutes of this chat will be unlike any other I've done (or seen done actually) thusfar, and it will be SuperFun. What does this mean? Wouldn't you like to know! (Insert evil laugh here) I'll just say everyone (regardless of personal Winelle beliefs) should be smiling after my intro and leave it at that."

I wish I still had my subscription, hopefully someone will YouTube it.   :hallo25

okay, now my curiosity is up!!


--- Quote from: Texas_kimmie on October 24, 2006, 08:48:14 AM ---okay, now my curiosity is up!!

--- End quote ---

Mine too! snicker.. wonder if I could get a trial membership for Real play.....  :yess:


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