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Racing Report Leg #3
« on: October 14, 2006, 12:01:33 AM »
Racing Report Week 3.

Teams start off at Hotel Mongolia and depart in the order they arrived.

Starting time and Order of Departure:
1.  Peter & Sarah  6:54 am
2.  Tyler & James  7:07 am
3.  Duke & Lauren  7:45 am
4.  Tom & Terry  7:52 am
5.  Dustin & Kandice  8:11 am
6.  Rob & Kimberly  8:13 am
7.  David & Mary  8:16 am
8.  Erwin & Godwin  8:18 am
9.  Lyn & Karlyn  9:02am

Teams must travel to a travel agent and procure tickets to Hanoi Vietnam 

Teams arrive at Travel agent in the following order
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Duke & Lauren
4.  Tom & Terry
5.  Dustin & Kandice
6.  David & Mary
7.  Rob & Kimberly
8.  Erwin & Godwin
9.  Lyn & Karlyn

Rob and Kimberly are the only team to lose a position.

Teams are given no money for this leg of the race.  The clues says they canít beg or sell things to earn money.

We learn the amount of money that three teams have saved from previous legs.

Peter & Sarah have $40.00 saved.
Dustin & Kandice have $24.00 saved.
Duke & Lauren have $11.00 saved.

Teams all get booked on the same flight to Vietnam.

Teams leave the airport at 10:58 pm and depart in the following order on the watt to the infamous Hanoi Hilton ( Hao Lo Prison).

1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Rob  Kimberly
3.  Tyler & James
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Lyn & Karlyn
7.  David & Mary
8.  Tom & Terry
9.  Duke & Lauren

Duke & Lauren would have departed in 6th but Duke waits for their Fern, which drops them to last place.

Teams arrive at the Prison to discover that it doesnít open until 8:00 am.
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Dustin & Kandice (delayed when they got out of their cab and a truck accident)
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Tom & Terry
7.  David & mary
8.  Lyn & Karlyn
9.  Duke & Lauren

The standard fare is 10., but since Duke & Laurenís Fern took them out of the way to her brotherís first, their fare was 15-20, they ďbeggedĒ the cab driver just to accept the $11.00 they had after he took them where they needed to go.

IN My mine since they took the cab, and knowing at one point that it would be more then the $11.00 they had, that they infect begged for the remaining fare from the driver. 

My friend in the US when he was stiffed, was responsible in making up the difference out of his tips.

To me thatís begging.  Even though no money came into their hands., there is a good chance that money came out of his.

Teams must know find the next route marker located at the site of John McCainís flight suit.

The order in Finding ht flight suit is as follows
1.  Tom & Terry
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Tyler & James
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  Duke & Lauren
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  Erwin & Godwin
8.  Lyn & Karlyn
9.  David & Mary

Teams are then directed to race to the old quarter ad find the roadblock at the marked flower shop.

The cab fare is two dollars.  Every one takes cabs except Duke & lauren who have no money, they get a map for free and a local helps them walk to the area.

Teams arrive at the roadblock in the following order:
1.  Tom & Terry
2.  Erwin & Godwin
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  Rob & Kimberly
5.  Tyler & James
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  David & Mary
8.  Lyn & Karlyn
9.  Duke  Lauren

The Roadblock requires one team member to ride a bike and sell 80,000 dong in flowers to the locals.  Any money they make they can keep.  Thus teams can elect to stay longer and earn more money.

Teams finish the roadblock in eh following order with an Asterisk denoting who performed the roadblock for each team.

1.  Peter * & Sarah (Peter 3/Sarah 0)
2.  Rob * & Kimberly (Rob 2/Kimberly 1)
3.  Dustin & Kandice * (Dustin 1/Kandice 2)
4.  Tyler * & James (Tyler 2/James 1)
5.  Erwin * & Godwin (Erwin 3/ Godwin 0)
6.  Tom * & Terry (Tom 2/ Terry 1)
7.  Lyn & Karlyn * (Lyn 2/ Karlyn 1)
8.  David *& Mary (david 2/Mary 1)
9.  Duke * & Lauren (Duke 2/ Lauren 1)

Teams must then take a bus to Vac and the Dihn Ganh Hoach, a Buddhist temple. 
Bus #1:  Erwin and Godwin
Bus #2:  Tom & Terry
Bus #3:  Rob & kimberly, Dustin and Kandice, Tyler and James, Duke and Lauren, David and Mary, Lyn and Karlyn.
Bus #4:  Peter and Sarah who arrived first but departed on the wrong bus and had to transfer over to the correct bus line).

Teams are not allowed due to safety issues to travel by motorbike.

Teams arrive at the temple and get their clue in the following order
1.  Erwin & Godwin
2.  Tom & Terry who take a motorbike.
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Tyler & James
5.  Dustin & Kandice
6.  Duke & Lauren
7.  Lyn & Karlyn
8.  David & Mary
9.  Peter & Sarah
  The clue directs them to the detour Fuel or Fowl.  Fuel requires teams to walk to a work station a produce 30 coal bricks.  In Fowl teams must walk to a work area and build one birdcage.

Al teams choose Fuel, though Duke & Lauren when searching for the locations of Fuel walk upon Fowl and decide to do Fowl.

Teams arrive at the Detours in eh Following Order
1.  Erwin & Godwin
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  David & Mary
4.  Tyler & JAmes
5.  Rob & Kimberly
6.  Dustin & Kandice
7.  Lyn & Karlyn
8.  Peter & Sarah

1.  Duke & Lauren

Teams finish the roadblock in the following Order
1.  Erwin & Godwin
2.  Tom & Terry
3.  Tyler & James
4.  David & Mary
5.  Dustin & Kandice
6.  Rob & Kimberly
7.  Peter & Sarah
8.  Lyn & Karlyn
9.  Duke & Lauren
  Then proceed a short distance on foot to Canh Dong Dia the PIt Stop of this leg of the Race.

Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in the Following order
1.  Erwin & Godwin  10:55 pm (the win a hom entertainment system)
2.  Tyler & James  11:22 pm
3.  Rob & Kimberly  11:26 pm
4.  Dustin & Kandice  11:27 pm
5.  Peter & Sarah  11:29 pm
6.  Lyn & Karlyn  11:31 pm
7.  David & Mary  11:32 pm
8.  Tom & Terry  11:48  *
9.  Duke & Lauren - Eliminated and apparently minutes behind Tom & Terry.

*  Tom & terry are penalized 30 minutes (they actually arrived 2cd at 11:18) for taking a motorbike againísít the rules of this leg.

This leg consisted of two parts the initial travel from the airport to the Hanoi Hilton, and then the actual bulk of this legís tasks the following morning starting at 8:00 am.

And while Dustin & Kandice did lose a few minutes in travel time and a couple other teams passed others, t eh only team to really lose much time in the first part of this leg was Duke and Lauren with a much longer Cab drive.

Comparing the amount of time it took teams to complete the tasks and check in o the Pit Stop is as follows with the fastest tot he slowest.
1.  Erwin & Godwin  14 hours 55 minutes
2.  Tyler & James  15 hours 22 minutes
3.  Rob & kimberly 15 hours 22 minutes
4.  Dustin & Kandice  15 hours 26 minutes
5.  Peter & Sarah  15 hours 29 minutes
6.  Lyn & Karlyn  15 hours 31 minutes
7.  David & Mary  15 hours 32 minutes
8.  Tom & Terry  15 hours 48 minutes
9.  Duke & Lauren  a few minutes longer then Tom & Terry

Erwin and Godwin, managed to run an okay race, but made some great choices that elevated their leg.

Even being the last out of the Hanoi Hilton the team managed to be one of the early teams at the flower shop (good cab, or others had bad cabs), they did averages completely the roadblock, but immediately got assistance getting a local ďFernĒ to escort them to the nearby Bus station.  This (and Peter and Sarahís error put this team on eh first bus to Vac.  Not knowing how far apart the bus rides are does let me get an idea how much time the team gained on each of the other buses.  But once in vac, they again proceeded to get a Fern to direct them t the temple.  ANd then to the Detour.  At the detour is where they had the worse time.  Unlike Tom & Terry ad some of the other teams they did all 30 before asking for them to be checked.  This made them repeat the entire batch of 30.  But once again, with the large lead time of the others they had plenty of time to burn.  They then got another fern to take them to the Pit Stop.  With navigation being on of the most important elements of the race, their continual use of ferns for directions really elevate this leg, its a very smart move, though it does open up the possibility of being misdirected.  There performance of tasks so far in the  various legs isnít remarkable.  I would say fairly average.

TYler and James continue running a very good steady race, though this episode really shows their first major mistake.  This team so far has managed to do thinking and physical tasks better then anyone, they have been hurt before by car trouble and cab trouble (the random effect that can get anyone).  This legís error was leaving the floor market and just trying to locate the bus station on their own (while earlier outside the Hanoi Hilton they did get a map).  Once they found another team and they both realized they were lost they wisely got a local to show them the way, and many other teams followed these two teams.  This navigation error probably cost them the 1st and 2cd bus.  Once in vac at the temple, they make the  same mistake (as do 4 other teams) when they proceed to the detour, getting seriously lost.  Each team approaches other locals to get directions, Tyler and James get one gay to show them the way, but they let the other teams get out in front so that they arenít seen going a different direction (maybe not nice depending if they had an agreement together but definitely smart racing.  Some fit male teams have been known to just stay with the pack and assume that their fitness will allow them to pass them in tasks and foot races.  And while that is often true, one should never plan for it, unless you are seriously dependent to that other teams for directions.  At the tasks this team excelled managing to passing David and Mary who had beating them there by quite a little bit.  So far this is really the first time an error of judgment on their part as had a negative impact on the race.  But still a very good recover.

Rob and Kimberly continue to show Robís unwillingness to follow Kimberlyís navigation (why they  passed by another team the night portion the day before.  Like Tyler and James (a team they are close to) they got maps of Hanoi.  They did well at the flower roadblock.  But made the same errors that James and Tyler did in navigation.  And unlike Tyler and James it took them longer to find a fern that could help them find the detour.  At the detour Rob was not able to keep pace with Dustin and Kandice (I mention Rob himself, because the problem was strictly his).  When heading of r the Pit Stop he also has trouble keeping up with Kimberly.  We find out in the next episode that he was getting heat stroke, and actually either passing out at the Pit Stop or comes close to it.  Hopefully this is an early lessons for maintain ones fluids and energy levels as it is early in the race and fatigue will really start setting in in about 3 more legs.

Dustin and Kandice excelled at the roadblocks possable doing both faster then anyone else.  They did make the same error as Rob and Kimberly and actually traveled to the Detour with them.  S far this team isnít the best, but it is certainly one of the better teams.  A very nice overall leg except for the navigation.  And unlike last leg they paid attention to the clues. 

Peter and Sarah did very well at the roadblock and did good with all but one aspect of navigation.  In  fact they had the  chance to be on bus #1, perhaps even a bus before Erwin and Godwin.  But in haste they got unto a bus before verifying if it was the correct bus.  This put them out instead of at a major terminal but out a street access point.  Taken them from first to last.  They did well at the Detour gaining two places and ending up saving themselves from a real costly error.

Lyn and Karlyn continue to linger nearly at the rear of the backpack (the term they have given all the teams in the 2cd bus to Mongolia.  They are really going to need to pick up speed in doing both tasks and going from point A - B.  They also make the same errors navigating in both sections of this leg that others teams make.  They manage to pass a team on the way to the pit stop, not on their own physical merit but on the weakness of another teams.  But so far this team hasnít made a large mistake (a good thing otherwise they would be in serious trouble). 

David and Mary are still lagging due to Maryís injured ankle.  THough they are close with the backpack and all of those teams to seem to look out for each other.  David was also hampered by his mind not being on the race, but on his fatherís experiences in Vietnam.  Unlike many of the other teams though they managed both sections of navigation fine.  And in fact the started out with each group but due to having to walk slower the others teams passed them and proceeded to get lost, while David and Mary proved the tortoise and the Hare by getting to the temple last in the group but still got to the detour before the other teams in the third bus. When leaving the detour they had to backtrack for their pouch that they had left behind (wisely David went back himself), this allowed Dustin and Kandice and Rob and Kimberly to pass them.  And the slowness of the walk back, let Lyn and Karlyn pass them (though the distress they felt in passing David and Mary was very heart warming considering they believed they were going to be last). If the leg continues to bother MAry this could become a very serious issue.  Between the leg and Davidís focus they lost a lot of ground in his episode (they could have ended up 2cd but instead were 7th.

Tom and Terry did well on this leg with the exceptions of one very serious blunder.  By not following the rules the team that was 2cd getting to the Pit Stop had to set out a 30 minute penalty.  THis has been enough to make teams lose before and it was very close, Duke and LAuren supposedly got to the Pit Stop just a few minutes later.  Mistakes with clues cannot be made.  The huge stress of this event might help them recover next week, but it also could make you to cautious as well.

Duke and LAuren had easily their worst leg of the race.  With loses 4 positions at the airport waiting for a Fern and then having to travel considerable out of their way by the Fern was luckily negated by bunching  But if that happened in any other portion of a leg it could cost you the race.  They also managed nicely in catching up with the teams at the bus stop even though they had to walk to the flower store instead of take a cab like everyone else.  Wisely they got a local to help them navigate and was given a map of the area.  In Vac they made the same mistake as everyone else in navigating, and when the teams separated in trying to get locals to help, they managed to lose sight of everyone.  They managed to get lost longer then anyone, when they stubble;ed into the birdcage detour.  It was  a good choice to stay with building the birdcage , without he navigation problems they would most likely lost a bit more time getting to the Coal Bricks.  And while we donít have nay indication how long it took to build a bird cage it does appear that the extra time lost from the pack was the main factor making them last.  So a rather strong performing team gets eliminated.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #3
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Scorecard Leg #3

This week the teams average for placement at the Pit Stops is as follows.
1.  Tyler & James 1.67
2.  Peter & Sarah 3.00
3.  Dustin & Kandice 4.33
4.  Duke & Lauren (eliminated) 4.67
5.  Rob & Kimberly 4.67
6.  Erwin & Godwin 5.33
7.  Tom & Terry 6.67
8.  David & Mary  8.00
9.  Lyn & Karlyn 8.00

Average Pit Stop finish at the end of leg three by Teams that Won the Amazing Race - 4.38
Average Pit Stop finish at the end of leg three by teams that finished 2cd in the Amazing Race - 3.83
Average Pit Stop finish at the end of leg three by teams that finished 3rd in the Amazing Race - 4.84

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Re: Racing Report Leg #3
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And to be completely anal.

This is a breakdown of all the seasons of the Amazing Race that featured two person teams when breaking them down in even 13 leg races (3 seasons had double legs but to get an even 13 leg average the placement of each when the reach Phil is what they will receive on the first part of a double leg, I wouldn't have done it but each of those parts are the equivalent of a full leg with the full amount of tasks being completed).

Team (season they were in)  average Pit Stop (or Mat) placement  and a notice if that team was eliminated in this leg.

Leg #3
1.  Eric & Jeremy (9)  1.33
2.  Kris & Jon (6)  1.67
3.  TYLER & JAMES (10)  1.67
4.  Tara & Wil (2)  2.00
5.  Hayden & Aaron (6)  2.00
6.  Rob & Brennan  (1)  2.33
7.  BJ & Tyler  (9)  2.33
8.  Joe & Bill ďThe GuidoísĒ  (1)  2.67
9.  Frank & Margarita  (1)  3.00
10.  Aaron & Arianne (3)  3.00
11.  Ken & Gerard  (3)  3.00
12.  Charla & Mirna  (5)  3.00
13.  Rob & Amber  (7)  3.00
14.  PETER & SARAH  (10)  3.00
15.  Shola & Doyin  (2)  3.33
16.  Flo & Zach  (3)  3.33
17.  Brandon & Nicole  (5)  3.33
18.  Steve & Josh  (4)  3.67
19.  Jonathan & Victoria  (6)  3.67
20.  Lynn & Alex  (7)  3.67
21.  Reichen & Chip  (4)  4.00
22.  Derek & Drew  (3)  4.33
23.  Bob & Joyce  (5)  4.33
24.  Linda & Karen  (5)  4.33
25.  DUSTIN & KANDICE  (10)  4.33
26.  Heather & Eve (3)  4.67
27.  Michael & Kathy (3)  4.67
28.  Millie & Chuck  (4)  4.67
29.  Colin & Christie  (5)  4.67
30.  Uchenna & Joyce  (7)  4.67
31.  Lake & Michelle  (9)  4.67
32.  ROB & KIMBERLY  (10)  4.67
33.  DUKE & LAUREN  (10)  4.67  eliminated
34.  Kevin & Drew  (1)  5.00
35.  Pat & Brenda  (1)  5.00  eliminated
36.  Chris & Alex (2)  5.00
37.  Mary & Peach  (2)  5.00
38.  Steve & Dave  (4)  5.00
39.  Ray & Yolanda  (9)  5.00
40.  Cyndi & Russel  (2)  5.33
41.  Oswald & Danny  (2)  5.33
42.  Monica & Sheree  (4)  5.33
43.  Gus & Hera  (6)  5.33
44.  Debbie & Bianca  (7)  5.33  eliminated
45.  Ray & Deana  (7)  5.33
46.  Brian & Greg  (7)  5.33
47.  Ron & Kelly  (7)  5.33
48.  Wanda & Desiree (9)  5.33
49.  ERWIN & GODWIN  (10)  5.33
50.  Gary & Dave  (2)   5.67
51.  Kelly & Jon  (4)  5.67
52.  Marshall & Lance  (5)  5.67
53.  Freddy & Kendra  (6)  5.67
54.  Joseph & Monica  (9)  5.67
55.  Dave & Lori  (9)  5.67
56.  Blake & Paige  (2)  6.00
57.  Lori & Bolo  (6)  6.00
58.  Adam & Rebecca  (6)  6.00
59.  Susan & Patrick  (7)  6.00
60.  John Vito & Jil  (3)  6.33
61.  Jon & Al  (4)  6.33
62.  Tian & Jaree  (4)  6.33
63.  David & Margaretta  (1)  6.67
64.  Paul & Amie  (1)  6.67
65.  Lenny & Karyn  (1)  6.67
66.  Gretchen & Meredith  (7)  6.67
67.  TOM & TERRY  (10)  6.67
68.  Lena Christy  (6)  7.00  eliminated
69.  David & Jeff  (4)  7.33
70.  Jim & Marsha  (5)  7.33  eliminated
71.  Fran & Barry  (9)  7.33
72.  Andre & Damon  (3)  7.67
73.  Kami & Karli  (5)  7.67
74.  Chip & Kim  (5)  7.67
75.  Dani & Danielle  (9)  7.67
76.  DAVID & MARY  (10)  8.00
77.  LYN & KARLYN  (10)  8.00
78.  Nancy & Emily  (1)  8.33
79.  Russel & Cindy  (4)  8.33  eliminated
80.  Don & Mary Jean  (6)  8.33
81.  Peggy & Claire  (2)  9.00  eliminated
82.  Dennis & Andrew  (3)  9.00  eliminated
83.  Teri & Ian  (3) 9.33

Hell Teri & Ian made it to the final leg and came in 2cd place so anything is possible, but it doesn't happen often.

A few other notes.

Season 1-4 featured Fast Forwards that were available in all but the final leg.  And while they weren't always used, or they didn't always put a team in first place (1 had the team b come in last and luckily due to another teams error didn't get eliminated, once it was used and the team was still eliminated and once it was used and the team only came in 4th). They had no Yield, and Teams were not mugged during noneliminations, there were also no limits in the number of roadblocks one person could do (So a team could have Zach or Colin perform nearly all tasks while Flo and Christie watched, as an example).

Season 5 limited the Fast Forward and created the Yield, it also mugged the players of their funds and provided nothing for the next leg.

Seasons 6-10  had a maximum of two fast forwards, two yields, it also mugged the players of funds (season 7, 9,) also of possessions except for clothes on t heir backs and passports), but it imposed the 6 limit rule.  One person could do no more then 6 roadblocks.

So it is much easier to judge seasons 1-4 as a whole, and then seasons 6-10 as a whole.

While season 5 is off all by itself.  For example how bad would have the  scores of such teams like Colin & Christie, Brandon & Nicole, Chip & Kim, and Charla & Mirna if they had to divide the roadblocks evenly.  It could have made a sizeable difference in that season.
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