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Preview 1 photobucket ( last to first )

Preview 2 photobucket ( last to first ) ..this one I will work more on later .

but had to pull these out

Halong BAY !
<< HEY thats ours ! lol

:tup: Thanks, puddin! :snicker: I suspect there are some of our TAR clips in this preview.   :lol:

A quick glance at the photobuckets reveals the following locations:

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Red Fort, Agra, India

Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge,  Sydney, Australia

Suntec City Fountain and Raffles Landing Business district skyline,  Singapore

Jumbo floating restaurant,  Hong Kong, China

Auckland Skyline (Auckland Tower),  Auckland, New Zealand

Ferry boat,  Istanbul, Turkey

National Monument,  Jakarta, Indonesia


ETA:  Listening to the YouTube clip, I think the first stop is Tokyo. 

I added a few more to the Preview 2 album
Oh and NICE avatar Boingo  :jumpy: !!


--- Quote from: puddin on October 16, 2006, 06:39:32 PM ---Oh and NICE avatar Boingo  :jumpy: !!

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 :js: Thanks, I like it too!   ;)

TAR Asia starting line is in the (Dutch) Colonial District of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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If CBS can't stop us on the spoiling, AXN has no chance.

I should be able to cover the easy ones, so over to you guys for the Puesta del Sols and the Golden Boys!


Boingo, the Colonial District (British, actually) is where Merdeka Square lies. That's the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in your photo, on the eastern flank of the field. The videos suggest that teams walk in from the fountains, stand in a ring around Allan (that's the host) on the northern side, then run across the grounds over to their bags on the southern end, underneath the tallest flagpole in the world. No lack of on-lookers in the background, but I'm not sure if AXN cares.

Ha! I finally understood the first clue! It reads "shop until you drop", and leads the teams to Berjaya Times Square, on the opposite end of town near the Bukit Bintang shopping district. The fastest way there by taxi is for teams to cross the road first (really busy road with NO lights), but I doubt any of the 'foreign' teams would know that. Not too big a disadvantage though. I've posted a bit of detailed reasoning on why the first location is Times Square here, but dtyz87 has very concisely cleared it up for us. :lol:

It doesn't look like the teams know what they're in for (Sri Lankan team really thinking they're going shopping), but well, PUN coming right at ya! The rappel takes place near outside Lots 54-57 down a couple of storeys onto the Ground Floor, and an Esprit Stall (Lot G54-G57, Ground Floor) can be seen in one of the online videos. One of the girls falls by Bizzy Body Slimming though (Lot 06-64 & 65, 6th Floor), so we'd need to check if they're close enough to be in the same location. My opinion? Not a wonderful starting task (too... unprofessional), but you gotta love the pun.

I see other shots of the Petronas Towers, the Menara KL and the train station, but I guess those are just location establishing shots taken from within taxis. The pushcarts should be in Kuala Lumpur, but I think you can find them pretty much all over Malaysia. It's just the hawker culture...

All the opening sequence team shots look like they've been taken in the sequester hotel, the Regent, itself. (How lousy is that!) Howard and Saran can be seen in Oggy, one of the restaurants within. And of course, the modesl in the pool. (We've got that one spoiled already.)


The next location I can bet on is Melaka, a two-hour bus ride down from Kuala Lumpur. No trains connect the two cities, but a taxi MAY be feasible, though pretty expensive. The picture shows one of those tourist-oriented rickshaws, and it looks like he's right in front of the State House Museum at the foot of Bukit St Paul. I'm also pretty convinced that the Indonesian brothers are in front of one of the lesser-known churches in Melaka, but I don't have photographic prove just yet. St Francis Xavier is close, but it's not a total match.

The dancing challenge sure looks like the Mini Malaysia Park to me. It's about twenty minutes out of the city in a district known as Ayer Keroh, and is probably the only place in a couple of hundred miles where you can find all the different types of Malay traditional housing together (I can at least see the Minangkabau of Negeri Sembilan and a couple of others).

The racing looks like it could be at Sepang, which has its own go-kart track. (I should know, I planned a TAR running across Southeast Asia myself.) Probably just product placement for Caltex though. I can't figure out the Pit Stop just yet. State mosque of anywhere? A stadium? Or maybe even Indonesia? Any ideas?

And guess who makes a surprise appearance in the opening sequence?


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