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Past winners in Amazing Race 1 to 10 were not given much consideration for AR11 All-Stars. The only ones who were on that show were Uchenna and Joyce. I expect that the same would apply to ARA All-Stars and few winners would be picked. AR11 was treated as mostly a popularity contest with marginal racers like Dave and Mary making it and many other worthy teams not making it.

Caught it on the Filipino news last week: Aubrey Miles is now a mom...

In other news (TARA2 though), Marc and Rovilson are staring down at me at every street corner, every fast-food stall, and every department stall in the entirety of the Philippines. There's no escape, people!

TARAsia Fan:
My apologies to you, Neobie. No one needs to see that! :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

Also sad to see SanFran no longer a couple. I did like them.

I recently visited my sister in Devonport New Zealand, home of the NZ Royal Navy and also the most diabolical episode of any Amazing Race ever. Yes, the one thing I wanted to do in Devonport was to see the famous tree where that swing used to be. It is amazingly close to the ferry terminal. If a team turned left out of the terminal the swing was less than 200 yards away. Alternatives may be up to 4 miles away within Devonport. There is a horizontal branch of the tree where there are some wear marks at exactly the distance apart that a swing should be, but there is no other evidence that a swing was once there.

Best episode ever ->


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