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Well, if anything, training ground for the real thing?

Here's the official website. Perhaps I should start the ball rolling?

This promotional picture...

... was taken at Regent Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

And leading from that, the teams walk-in (from the videos)...

... seems to be at Merdeka Square, which makes it the starting line...

And here's something possibly relevant to the American edition: "The teams will race around Asia and beyond..."

Heres another article about the teams
Look Ma, 2 Pinoy teams!

I'll help !! Thanks banzai  :jumpy:

 :jumpy:  How nice, they even gave us a map of where TAR Asia went!!!   :jam:

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Can you say Auckland ?  :snicker:

ok I'll will be back with some screencaps ..brb
You have to register to see the site clips here
OK its too hard to grab sceencaps from the official site so will do the youtube .
Also I'm uploading the other preview on youtube .. brb again  :lol:


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