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Hated hated hated HATED the episode. Way to destroy the race, AXN folks. (:;)

Banzai I know you can attest to this...

(The only rule difference I know of for now is that NELs operate on the TAR5-6 system of mugging only your money. They pirated everything else, with much worse quality, to a tee.)

the only rules difference from TAR: USA and TAR: Asia is, first episode is a NEL, the teams get to get their backpacks, but no money given on the next leg, and have their money confiscated. and the gameplay is way too simple.

If TAR: USA ratings kept falling, i will say to blame on the TAR: Asia, or maybe Allan Wu, his hosting sucks. i have to say if the ratings in the US version dropped intensively, i am the first to apologise to this.

Thanks to Popo; episode #1:


Totally not cool giving a spoiler in a non-spoiler forum.  Thanks for ruining the end of the first episode for me.

The biggest flaw in the Asian edition of TAR is the host. When he speaks, you have to really listen close to understand him. He also has the tendency to pause a lot. He just doesn't appeal to me. If there would be a next installment, they should replace him. He is really bad.

The teams are a varied lot and they speak with different accents that I am wondering why there are no subtitles. It is hard tp keep up with what they are saying.

A disappointment would be the penalty. I don't know if this is a spoiler because I am not naming any teams, but shouldn't the penalty apply as soon as teams decide to skip a task?


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