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The Amazing Race: Asia * no spoilers please *

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Is anyone here remotely interested in talking about or spoiling this race? AXN's not overly careful in covering their tracks...

Here's the official site:

Oh, if the commercials are anything to base things on, the Opening Theme is going to be QUITE interesting...

ARGH, CBS taught them EVERYTHING, including casting billions of mactors and couples testing their relationship!

I'm interested Neobie !! It's really hard to find info on TARA though, thanks for the link :)

if there will be a thread for The Amazing Race Asia, that will be better, if possible, put me and neobie as moderators, maybe i won't be there, sighs, as i am a newbie and have been ban before, however i am a singaporean. hope this will help

I hear the show is on now. Any rule differences?

The Amazing Race Asia premiere party. Allan Wu said there're 13 episodes.

Photos are here:


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