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Insider vids for week 13

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here they are enjoy

Insider vids for week 1

James and Tyler tale of drug addiction
Lyn and Karlyns take on Peter and Sarah
Bilal and Sa'eed Parting Words
Kimberly and Rob: The Breakup
The Odd Couple: Tom and Terry
Erwin and Godwin Suprise the Beauty queens
Godwin Breaks Down
Duke and Lauren reveal there secret
Tyler and James Size up the competition
Cheerleader chat with Kellie and Jamie
Kellie and Jamie: The Babies of the race
Kellie and Jamie Nickname the teams
Parental Bonding
Arti gets a history lesson
Vipul's Free Ride
Peter Creates Trouble at the Airport
Peter and Sarah Make Friends with the models

Kogs  :jumpy: ! thank you so much !! I'm going to move this to spoilers so that it doesn't get buried :)

your welcome. and thanks for moving this puddin, i wasnt sure on where to put it. ill have them for you every monday in the morning except october2 because of yom kippur. those will be done after i break the fast.

Thanks Kogs, I just went to the CBS site and its sure messed up. 

It was much easier to get the video's here.

they will be here every morning except oct2 when they will be here at night.  :waves:


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