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--- Quote from: gingerman28 on September 14, 2006, 10:45:06 PM ---
So if Paris is correct, and the teams are not decoys, then the odds makers don't know what they are doing.

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:ya3: yeah that !

u know its too bad no1 waistes money and puts it all on like bilal and sa'aed lol. make bodog look like morons for stopping bets before the season starts. now that would of been funny

I beg your pardon, it can be a ignorant question but... is anyone really betting for the winner of TAR? And is this the odds so far?

 :-[ :lol:

That's it, the betting line is open.  But the odds don't jive with what we seem to know.  If the odds makers are right, then we all are in deep doo doo (ya hear me, Puddin?)

roughly our projected final 7

Peter & Sarah 2/1
David & Mary 11/1
Erwin & Godwin 3/1
Dustin & Kandice 8/1
Lyn & Karlyn 13/1
Rob & Kimberly 5/1 
Tyler & James 4/1

Team 1 : f/f as per video ( Dustin/Kandy)
Team 2: m/f as per video and looks like same as kuwait carpark to me( Rob/Kim)
Team 3: m/m (James/Tyler)
Team 4: m/f asian male and geeky female but not 100% sure as they were not sitting together and by geeky i mean she reminded me of lori in her stance/appearance and not playing up the the cameras as the first 3 teams. She sat on the sun bed under a tree and just waited quietly on spoke to the black female for a short time.( Chos , the one with the pony tail mistaken for a woman /Geek ) << Don't forget only the male is asian in that team and the female is what I call my token "Lori".
Team 5: f/f black - personally it looked like they did not want to be there in terms of all the other teams looking so competitive.(Kar/Lyn),8610.0.html


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