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Y/W Puddin!  :yaya:  And tks for posting the member list!  :tup:

Fantasy Survivor Rules
General Rules

1) The decisions of the webmaster on all Fantasy Survivor questions are final.  There will be a few subjective Fantasy Survivor questions during the season, and we promise to do our best to score them as fairly as possible.

2) When the answer to a Fantasy Survivor question is in doubt or there are multiple correct answers, the most correct answer will be selected at the discretion of the Fantasy Survivor webmaster.  If no answer is correct, then the question will be thrown out and no player will score any points.

3) The answers of the Fantasy Survivor Episode questions will be decided based on the events of the show aired during that Survivor episode.  If in a later Survivor episode the answer of a previousFantasy Survivor question has been shown to be incorrect or is in doubt.  The answer that appears to be most correct during the original Survivor episode will stand.
4) Only events during the airing of Survivor count toward the Fantasy Survivor question in this game.  Information revealed or shown during Survivor commercials, Survivor promos, Survivor lead-ins at the beginning of the Survivor episode, including the part where they refer to the previous Survivor episodes (usually begins with "Previously on Survivor..."), promos of future Survivor episodes (usually begins with "Next on Survivor") do not count toward Fantasy Survivor.

5) For questions regarding the counting of events or actions, unless otherwise specified, each independent and observable occurrence of the activity will be counted irregardless of the number of times the camera shows the event or activity.  For an event to count multiple times we must observe and or have reasonable reason to believe the original activity was discontinued and then resumed.  For example, if a Survivor is shown cooking, and we cut to commercial and the cut back to the cooking, that is considered one activity.  If however, the second time the Survivor is shown cooking it is obvious that its the next day, or a completely different meal, that second scene is considered a second occurrence.

6) On the occasion where two (essentially) simultaneous tribal councils are held where a portion of the Survivors attend one tribal council, and the others attend a second tribal council with no overlap in attendees, the two events will be considered one large tribal council for the counting questions when regarding immunity. The Survivor must not be eligiblle to receive a vote at both tribal councils to be considered immune.

7) Only regularly scheduled episodes of Survivor that have a scheduled tribal council and/or new events that are part of the Survivor game will count toward Fantasy Survivor.  This will exclude Survivor episodes that are predominantly highlight or recap from previous Survivor episodes.  Also the Survivor Reunion show that airs after the finale following the revelation of the ultimate Survivor will not count toward this Fantasy Survivor game.

8 ) Bonus points will be awarded for picks submitted more than 12 hours in advance of the Survivor episode start time.  The bonus will be applied to points scored for the episode questions. The bonus will increment 2.5% for every extra 3 hours in advance of the pick deadline the Fantasy Survivor submissions are recorded.  This bonus will never exceed 50%.  Fractional points will be rounded down.    The last submission of picks by the player, regardless of the number of changes, for each Survivor episode will establish the time used to calculate their bonus.

9) We strongly encourage everyone to signup for the Fantasy Survivor email notification that is sent when we post new Fantasy Survivor questions so you can get in on the bonus points.  Due to the nature of the internet and email delivery, email notifications from the game to your mailbox may be delayed or undelivered.  It is the Fantasy Survivor players responsibility to ensure timely submission of Fantasy Survivor picks for the game regardless of the time of the reception of the Fantasy Survivor game notifications.

10) If the producers of Survivor manipulate the show in a way not expected or compatible by the game design, the Fantasy Survivor webmasters will make a best effort to score all relevant question and adjust the Fantasy Survivor scores or part of the game affected by the show "twists."  In some cases entire disqualification of sections of the Fantasy Survivor game may be required.

If any of these Fantasy Survivor rules or game instructions are unclear or ambiguous, please send us an email at  We will respond to any request for clarifications and update these rules as needed.

Thank you and Good Luck with Fantasy Survivor!

Penguin and Mike-e are the only two on the list from LAST season that I haven't seen at RFF in a long time.  I hope they come back now that BB is winding down and Survivor's beginning! :tup:

Episode Questions

For each of the following questions, select the most correct outcome during the upcoming episode of Survivor. Each question is assigned a point value which will be scored by those selecting the correct response.

How far into the episode will it be before at least one Survivor realize, and verbalize, that they are divided among racial lines? (35 points)   
The know before the show starts
On the boat before they are forced to bail
On the raft as they paddle to shore
At camp before the first challenge
Some other time 

Who is the first person to be voted off? (40 points)   
The oldest male on their tribe
The oldest female on their tribe
The youngest male on their tribe
The youngest female on their tribe Someone else 

How many Survivors will get a Buff this episode? (25 points)   
All 20
All but a few of the original 20
 No Survivor receives a Buff this episode 

How many Survivors appear to have extreme difficulty swimming on their own? (45 points)   None   One  Two  Three  Four  Five or more
How many tribes go to tribal council this episode? (40 points) None   One   Two   Three 

whoop, i'm in!  :jumpy:

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I'm playing also!   :jumpy:


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