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Aww RF sweetie, you bring tears to my eyes.  :'(  Thank you sooo much for your appreciative, kind words.  It's a pleasure to have a great bunch of people playing the FS game for Refa Tribe, and I look forward to next season!  :cmas16 
It helps a lot to have extra responsibilities & stay occupied when life sucks!
Likewise, I'm happy to know you too! :hugs: :hrt: 
  Blessings, Dear Heart.   :cmas17  :hugs:

I am thankful to have met all of you too.  I agree with Ruday, life does suck, so when you have things like this to do, it passes the time to do something you enjoy doing.  Especially if it helps others.  Glad I could help.    :kisses

See you all at Fiji! :cmas27  I'll definitely be helping you all then.

Life doesn't always suck, Cinera!!  :cmas12  Sorry if I implied that!  :groan:

I know you didn't imply that, I just said that it does suck, not always.  I know that life can be wonderful, but occansionally it'll suck.


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