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And the moles 2nd victom is...


Well another night of Celeb. Mole has come and gone and who has fallen victom to the mole this time?

Corbin Bernsen

So long Corbin you played the game well.

I am shocked that Corbin really does suck at this game! I thought he would do better the 2nd time around. Goes to prove, that the game is different every time it is played.

I will miss you Corbin. And I will miss Stephen making fun of you!


oaky i have not watch the show.  but poor Corbin!!!  He was so detailed last time.

But Corbin is AWSOME!!!!!  ::) ;D
He should be in the game he should be the MOLE!!!!!

Yeah, I miss both Corbin and Stephen. They were both great! And with them being good friends, you could always predict that they would make fun of each other! LOL



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