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Leave us a comment in our new VOICEMAIL box!


Ok guys, here it is. We have a voicemail now!

Leave us a comment in our voicemail, and we just might play it on the show! There are a couple of ways to get your voice heard!

First, if you have listened to the live show, and have Skype, and also a microphone, you can Skype rffradiovoicemail.

OR, If you just want to pick up your phone, and call (716) 989-4119. We would love to hear from you either way, and hope that someone gives us a voicemail before tomorrows LIVE show at 10pm Eastern time. Sorry our number couldn't be a toll free number! We tried, trust me!

We know this has been a long time coming, but we are excited and ready to hear your thoughts on a show, or your thoughts on us. Thanks for your support, and talk to you soon!

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