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Los Angeles, CA

Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida. She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old. Having studied martial arts since her youth, she currently works as a female boxer and cocktail waitress. She previously worked as a model, bartender and in public relations.

Striking out on her own when she was 17 years old, Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism with a minor in French. While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

Shallow enjoys boxing, running, hiking, volleyball, yoga, skiing, softball, dancing and swimming (she was on her high school swim team all four years). She loves the outdoors and gets "super cranky" if she can't play outside in the sun on a daily basis. She is most proud of being a female boxer for Perfect 10 Model Boxing.

Shallow currently resides in West Hollywood, California. Her birth date is September 21, 1982.

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Re: Parvati
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Iím a Very Loyal PersonĒ: An Interview with Survivor: Cook Islandsí Parvati
by David Bloomberg -- 12/15/2006

What was Parvatiís strategy on Survivor? What does she think of her own game play and how she was portrayed? What was her biggest mistake? Parvati answers all of these questions and more in this RealityNewsOnline interview!

On the show, it seemed like Parvatiís main strategy was to flirt Ė was that her plan, or was she just as surprised as anybody at seeing so much of it on the show? She tells us what her strategy was and how her personality played into it. Just read on!

RealityNewsOnline: First, how is your thumb?

Parvati: My thumb is good. Thereís a little scar and I get ghost pains sometimes, but itís all healed up.

RNO: Well thatís good. What was your strategy coming into the game?

Parvati: My strategy primarily consisted of being underrated as a competitor and being likable. And thatís the way I worked it.

RNO: So how would you rate your own play?

Parvati: Iím really happy with how I played the game. Iím a very loyal person and I stayed true to myself. I knew I didnít want to stab anyone in the back if I didnít have to. I competed my heart out. I think I did a good job and Iím proud of it.

RNO: Considering what everybody seemed to think of Jonathan, why did you keep him around while voting off Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny.

Parvati: The reason I kept Jonathon was because I felt loyalty to him from our days at original Raro. We had a tight alliance since the first day we landed on the beach. He kept looking me in the eye, saying, ďYou can trust me, Iím not going to hurt you.Ē I believed him. Iím a very trusting person. Maybe itís crazy because I know this game is all about deceit, but thatís why I kept him around.

RNO: When you were attacking Jonathan, saying you were sick because he turned on you, etc., how much of that was your true feeling and how much was strategy?

Parvati: I was so emotional at that point! Nate had just gotten voted out. Nate was my guy. I knew Raro was on a downhill. Pretty much my unleashing was straight emotion. No one else was around, I wasnít trying to call him out in front of the Aitus. I was just telling him what I thought. I donít hold my anger inside Ė I let it go and move on.

RNO: But why was there so much anger Ė with you, Adam, and Candice Ė in a game that is frequently about backstabbing?

Parvati: I think we were all just really hurt. We knew that our number was up. We were just mad about it and maybe it was a little immature on our part, but when you feel like you have someone on your side whoís loyal from day one, and he continuously tells you, ďtrust me, trust me,Ē youíre going to feel hurt and betrayed and get mad at that person. Itís just human nature.

RNO: At least since the mutiny, what we saw indicated that you and your allies were lazy. What do you have to say about how you were portrayed?

Parvati: I was very disappointed to watch that in the show, because we were fine. The only person who said we were lazy was Jonathan and I completely respected his work ethic. That man was tireless. He was always doing something, but we were too. Before Jonathan was there, Nate was catching octopus and I would get shellfish Ė we all pitched in, it was a group effort. We didnít have a good fisherman like Ozzy, so we didnít eat that much fish, so I think they portrayed that as being lazy. It was disappointing for me to see it portrayed that way.

RNO: What did you think when the Aitus and Jonathan ate the dinner they caught without you?

Parvati: It was a slap in the face. I think the Aitu four had a very strong strategy Ė they didnít want to make any decision individually so no one would get singled out and nobody could get angry at one person, so they went along with it. I was surprised they did that, because the night before Ė you didnít see this Ė Adam and I had gone out and fed them all with clams and crabs and made soup for them. We fed them that night. I was shocked they were cool with eating like that without even letting us know what was going on. But tension was high at that point and I had just snapped on Jonathan so I understand why he was pissed off and didnít want to share, but it still hurt.

RNO: Until he showed it, why did you seem so certain Yul didnít have the idol?

Parvati: I just didnít want to say that Yul had the idol because I knew Jonathan was so concerned that Yul had the idol and he wouldnít vote with us. So I was trying to be adamant about it because I didnít want Jonathan to switch on us. And Adam was acting like he had the idol. I wasnít certain Yul didnít have it Ė the thought entered my mind, but I didnít want to allow anyone else to think that because the idol would be on our side and Jonathan would be feeling vulnerable.

RNO: By the time Tribal Council came around, did you pretty much know you were going?

Parvati: Yeah. A definite yes. I knew I had just gone on the reward, the girls were really jealous, and Yul was feeling threatened because Ozzy and I were talking a lot. And Iíd been beating them, so they knew I was stronger than Adam. I had tried everything I could [to stay]. But itís still a shock when you see your name on that card. It sucks. But then you get up and walk out with your head up. Best of luck to the people who are still in the game.

RNO: Other than the portrayal of you as lazy, what do you think of how you came across on the show?

Parvati: I actually think I came across pretty much as myself. I know one of the main reasons I did so well was I had fun and enjoyed competing and the whole being out in the middle of nowhere and being cut off from the world. I love meeting people and talking to people. I think they portrayed me basically who I am. Maybe they went a little over the top with the flirting thing.

RNO: They did or you did?

Parvati: I really didnít think I was that bad, but when I watched it, I thought maybe I was. But they cast people as certain types and I was cast to play the flirty young girl. They had to play it up. I had fun. Iím not going to censor myself.

I wasnít so preoccupied with being so serious and talking strategy all the time. I wanted to go and compete as hard as I could and win if I could Ė I really wanted to win. I thought that in my life, I kind of go with the flow and itís always worked out for me, so Iím like Iím going to do what Iíve done my whole life and see if it works Ė and it kind of did. I guess I could have been a little more conniving.

RNO: If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Parvati: Oh my God, I would keep Jenny in the game, hands-down! When we got that message in the bottle, that was the worst possible thing that could have happened to Raro. We didnít have a chance to talk or strategy. Everything was happening so fast. Jenny was one of my favorite people and it really hurt to vote her out. But I was thinking if we donít have a merge, we have to have a fighting chance to win challenges and Jonathan was really strong and really pulled his weight. So I had to vote Jenny. Looking back, [I was] a fool. Jenny never would have traded on us, she was such a loyal person. That was my tragic downfall.

RNO: Thanks, Parvati!

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Re: Parvati
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Thanks to JamesBarber/survivorfever

Parvati Shallow:
Early Show Interview Transcript
(Transcript by James Barber  - 12.15.06)

RENE : Well, we're getting close to the final four on "Survivor: Cook Islands". In Thursday's episode, ex-professional boxer went down swinging. She stabbed Adam in the back, and begged Yul to let her stay, to no avail.


RENE : Parvati Shallow, good morning.

PARVATI : Good morning.

RENE : Parvati?

PARVATI : Parvati.

RENE : So Jeff got it wrong the whole time? He was just saying "Poverty" the whole time.

PARVATI : Jeff Probst is such an amazing host. I have so much respect for him. I corrected him maybe six times, and finally towards the end he started saying "Parvati".

RENE : But you're here now. What happened? Did you actually think that you had a chance last night?

PARVATI : You know, I knew pretty much that my time was up. I was going to try my hardest to scramble something together to talk to Yul, since he was the mastermind, to work something and stay for a couple days longer. It just didn't work.

RENE : You won the reward challenge last night, the big mud thing, right? You got to go to the nice spa...

PARVATI : Oh my God!

RENE : ...and before you know it, you're naked in a hot tub with Yul and Ozzy. Whoo! Wow!

PARVATI : Right. (laughs) But c'mon, it's just a hot tub. All our clothes were being washed; the trademark black bikini was in the washing machine. I couldn't wear it.

RENE : What's a girl to do, right?

PARVATI : The guys were in there first; I was like, "I'm not going to leave this reward without getting in a hot tub. I've been on an island for 30 days." Fresh water is a big deal. If it's warm, I'm in.

RENE : I have to ask you, I gotta call you on this, because you did sort of use your feminine wiles. You talked about getting close to Nate early on, and now you're saying, "If I could get close to Ozzy." Was that your strategy all along, using sex appeal?

PARVATI : My strategy going into the game was to be kind of underrated; basically I'm a competitor. And also to be likable. I think flirting is just a little trick of the trade. It's easy to make friends the more bantering you have with someone, the back and forth. Nate and I really hit it off, we clicked really well.

RENE : You did well, you elevated that flirting to an art form, practically. Let's not forget about Adam, your buddy, who you threw under the wheels of the bus pretty much yesterday.

PARVATI : Oh God, it was so sad watching last night, because Adam was like my big brother out there. I was with him for 37 days straight. We never got separated. I was like sheepishly going up to Yul and like, "I don't want to hurt my friend Adam, but I want to stay."

RENE : However, there's a million dollars at stake standing between us so I'm going to go ahead and dump him.

PARVATI : Exactly. It was sad, it was very sad talking to Yul; trying to outplay Adam was hard. I'm a very loyal person, and I want to stay to myself and remain loyal to the people I felt I owed that to.

RENE : Was Yul really that powerful out there? He a couple of weeks ago said he felt like the godfather because people were coming to him. You just mentioned that you went to Yul, Adam went to Yul saying, "Hey, can we stay on?"

PARVATI : Right. Well, Yul was pretty much calling the shots. He had the immunity idol. He had the tight alliance with Becky. Sundra was right along there with them. Sundra was just keeping her mouth shut and going along with everything they said, so I would definitely say Yul was the one if you wanted to pull something out to stay in the game longer, you had to appeal to Yul's...rationalize yourself to Yul to stick around.

RENE : So you didn't score the knockout punch...

PARVATI : I know.

RENE : But you had a good time. Parvati Shallow, thank you so much for stopping by.

PARVATI : Thank you.