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***Kri$$i***, thanks for the cool game!  :tup:  Makes ya really THINK, not only about what the sentence conveys, but challenges our noggin to make the next sentence make sense! :waves:   :lol:  Love it!  :hrt:

Ok, here's mine:
Together all the bells rang.

Krissi [I love Shia]:
Rang is past tense , what i would like is to hear my phone ring with Johnny Depp on the other end!

LOL  :lol: .. i couldnt think of anything so my grandma made it up ... lol ... ithat was a good one Rudyrules!

LOL!  Tks, Krissi!  I was trying to throw a curve ball to see if anyone could find a way to use Rang as the first word of a sentence!  Well, your grandma came up with a good one!  :tup:
"Rang is past tense" is a good sentence!   Great job, Krissi and "Grandma"!   

And I'll try to be nice from now on!  :lol:

Tense muscles drive us up the wall.

Wall flowers are usually nice people who happen to be a little bashful.   :-[

Bashful was one of Snow White's dwarfs.


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